Challenging times for Pakistan

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Will Sindhis rise to seek a new Magna Carta-part II

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Would anyone fill the political vacuum left by Benazir Bhutto-II?

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Respect provincial autonomy, Mr. Prime Minister:

Pakistan, Dec. 26 -- The controversy over provincial autonomy more than any national issue has been responsible for our utter failure in the most important task of nation building. The over-obsession ... Read More

Would anyone fill the political vacuum left by Benazir Bhutto?

Pakistan, Dec. 20 -- On the 2 nd December 1988, the stage was set in the grand and sprawling presidency in Islamabad for the swearing-in of a young, intelligent and a beautiful lady as the Prime Minis... Read More

Time to fix the wobbling ship

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The Muslim world at a crossroad

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The second wave of the demonic pathogen

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Who will wipe the tear-soaked face of Sindh? (Part-II)

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Who will wipe tear soaked face of Sindh?

Pakistan, Nov. 9 -- "Strong souls have wills and feeble ones only wishes" is a Chinese proverb which befittingly applies to Sindh of today. Sindh has thousands of feeble sons and daughters who do not ... Read More