May wettest month in decade in Kashmir

Srinagar, June 1 -- Jammu and Kashmir has recorded exceptionally high rainfall in May so far, making it one of the wettest months in the past decade, according to the Meteorological Department, Srinag... Read More

Come, explore kaleidoscopic culture of Shahr-e-Khas

Srinagar, June 1 -- For those who want to delve deep into the history and culture embedded in the old city of Kashmir, the downtown legacy tour offers a perfect answer. Srinagar's old city, with its ... Read More

World No-Tobacco Day: Smoking fuels anxiety, diabetes in COPD patients in Kashmir

Srinagar, May 31 -- A new study has revealed that diseases like hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, and anxiety are significantly higher in patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Dise... Read More

World Digestive Health Day: Why healthy gut is crucial for overall well-being

Srinagar, May 29 -- Studies have revealed the most commonly reported digestive disorders in Kashmir are gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, dyspepsia, abdominal bloating, fatty liver, gallstones, and acu... Read More

Viola: Scientists discover new plant species in Kashmir

Srinagar, May 29 -- A new plant has been discovered in Kashmir Himalaya which is considered to be one of the unique biodiversity hotspots in the world. The plant was discovered by the researchers fro... Read More

G20: Authorities hard sell Kashmir as eco-tourism hub

Srinagar, May 23 -- Authorities are hard selling Kashmir as an eco-tourism hub at the G20 summit. Conservator of Forests, South Kashmir Circle, Irfan Ali Shah told The Kashmir Monitor that 25 officia... Read More

Ragi Dosa to Bajra Raab: G20 guests to be treated to millet-based delicacies

Srinagar, May 22 -- G20 delegates will be treated to a carefully curated spread of millet-based delicacies. As the world collectively celebrates the 'International Year of Millet' in 2023, a group of... Read More

J&K's Mission Life campaign to promote environmentally conscious lifestyle

Srinagar, May 19 -- Jammu and Kashmir administration is going full throttle on the Mission Life campaign which aims to combat climate change and promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle in peopl... Read More

Kashmir hospitals report increase in pollen-induced allergy cases

Srinagar, May 17 -- Come summer, Kashmir grapples with pollen-induced allergy. Hospitals are reporting an increase in the number of seasonal allergies. In the ongoing season, the poplar trees produc... Read More

Medicinal plants' smugglers milk Kashmir dry

Srinagar, May 13 -- After trekking for three hours, Rahim (name changed), a 45-year-old forager of Sonmarg, lets out a shriek of joy, as he spots a cluster of medicinal plant species called Trillium G... Read More