The world of fantasy

India, June 13 -- Sanjay Sircar's Fantasy Fictions from the Bengal Renaissance: Abanindranath Tagore: The Make-Believe Prince (Kheerer Putul) : Gaganendranath Tagore: Toddy-Cat the Bold (Bhondar Bahad... Read More

Deal with displacement

India, June 8 -- A question that did not receive adequate attention on June 5, the World Environment Day , is about what people described in the media as "climate refugees." The United Nations High Co... Read More

Clear dustbins of history

India, May 30 -- I remembered Leon Trotsky when it became clear that the Indian National Congress was going to be routed in the recent Lok Sabha elections. Addressing the Mensheviks and others who wer... Read More

Stop the savage slaughter

India, April 27 -- As I write, what the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) describes as "the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet", continues in Canada. It occurs in the Gulf of S... Read More

In Dante's footsteps

India, April 18 -- Charles Patterson's recently published novel, In Dante's Footsteps: My Journey to Hell: A Modern Divine Comedy , unfolds at two levels. At one, it is a set of intertwined narratives... Read More

Tackle unusual weather conditions

India, April 4 -- One would have thought that the acrimonious and high-decibel campaign for the Lok Sabha elections would push issues like climate change into oblivion. Fortunately, it has not. While ... Read More

Animals and the election

India, March 30 -- One of the main features of the campaign for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections is the deafening silence of all political parties on the issues of animal rights and justice. And th... Read More

Mass murder most foul

India, March 21 -- The mass shootings in two mosques in Christchurch , New Zealand, on March 15 have caused 50 deaths. Understandably, these have left the world shocked, grieving and angry. New Zealan... Read More