After SC's verdict, what next for Chandigarh poll official Anil Masih?

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Supreme Court declares AAP's Kuldeep Kumar as Chandigarh mayoral election winner

India, Feb. 20 -- The Supreme Court on Tuesday declared Aam Aadmi Party's candidate Kuldeep Kumar as the winner of Chandigarh mayoral polls, setting aside the results of January 30 elections. The cour... Read More

Hotel industry expected to witness revenue growth of 7-9% in FY2025; spiritual tourism to drive demand

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Chandigarh mayoral polls: Supreme Court observes eight 'defaced' votes valid

India, Feb. 20 -- The Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned the results of the Chandigarh mayoral polls, declaring the AAP-Congress candidate as the winner instead of the previously declared BJP candida... Read More

Office fit-out costs across India increase by 4.5% Year-on-Year: JLL

India, Feb. 20 -- The average office fit-out costs across India increased by 4.5% with the average fit-out cost per sq ft rising to Rs.5,788 from Rs.5,546 last year. Mumbai continues to be the most ex... Read More

How a 'millionaire' businessman used ChatGPT to scam McDonald's: 'Paste in.'

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Modi's guarantee fulfilled in two months: Chhattisgarh govt

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UK PM Rishi Sunak's video on mobile phone ban in schools invites political jibes

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman asked to complete Bengaluru flyover when.

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