Pain of Muslims, KPs is Braided: In Reply to Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Letter

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How COVID-19 Could Re-Shape Our World

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How Books Can Liberate You From Pandemic Distress

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Maternity Deaths at MCH Anantnag

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Do Good Grades and Marks Matter?

Srinagar, May 27 -- Wajahat Qazi THERE'Shardly a field, domain or discipline that has not been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. One such field is that of education which has been hit at all levels-... Read More

Decisions of Kashmir University and Student Sufferings

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Filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra Responds to Arbeena & Asif

Srinagar, May 25 -- Dear Arbeena and Asif, Eid Mubarak to you and everyone else in Kashmir! I readyour open letter addressed to me about my film Shikara in the Kashmir Observer. I have read it multi... Read More

Demystifying The Contours Of The Draft National Ecommerce Policy

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Al-Quds Day- A Pledge of Allegiance

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The Political Economy of Class and Social Power in Kashmir

Srinagar, May 17 -- Wajahat Qazi WORDS and their etymology are powerful in their own right but they are also signifiers-of class, status and power in a given society. Kashmir and its social mix and c... Read More