Persons with Disabilities Don't Need Your Sympathy

Srinagar, Dec. 3 -- By Masood Ali Mir IN the opening ceremony of the ongoing FIFA World Cup at Qatar, the Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman came down to his knees in order to shake his hand with Qatari ... Read More

Five Must Visit Coffee Shops for the Perfect Brew in Srinagar

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Clinical Depression And Power Of Routine

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Letter To Editor | Abandoned Dustbins

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Death, Be Not Proud

Srinagar, Nov. 25 -- How to help someone who has lost their loved ones? By Wasim Kakroo ONE of the most difficult tasks that many of us encounter is coping with the death of a close friend or family... Read More

Wazwan On Trial

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Behind Reels, Kashmir's Winter is Harsh and We're Responsible

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The Afghan Conundrum

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Letter To Editor | All Hands On Deck For Privacy

Srinagar, Nov. 23 -- WHEN personal data is openly shared at various digital platforms, it is all the more critical that there are sound firewalls to protect it from any breach. If the Centre itself ha... Read More

Kashmir's Reading Culture: Fading, Flourishing or Fluctuating?

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