Challenges of Shrinking Farmlands & Urbanization

Srinagar, March 2 -- In land deficient Jammu & Kashmir, Vertical Farming is the only hope By Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat DUE to very small land holdings, the majority of the farmers in Jammu and Kashmir a... Read More

Chase Goals not Marks

Srinagar, Feb. 27 -- I have scored satisfying marks and have achieved it with my capability. I'm not defending myself but I don't want to delude myself either. I want to talk about the mindset of some... Read More

Online Job Portals and Job Seekers

Srinagar, Feb. 25 -- Dilemmas, Challenges and Trends By Khalid Mustafa SOON after COVID19 emerged all over the world, people faced various losses whether in business, life or jobs. Everyone was preo... Read More

Shrinking of Wular Lake

Srinagar, Feb. 25 -- WULAR LAKE, the second largest natural freshwater lake in Asia, is situated in Bandipora district of Kashmir. The size of the lake is 16 km long and 10 km wide, but varies accordi... Read More

Underwhelming Tourism Infrastructure In Kashmir

Srinagar, Feb. 24 -- By Shakir Shafiq Qadri IT'S a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. You are basking in the soft warmth of the sun when you hear a knock on your door. To your great pleasure, you receive an ... Read More

Don't Put a Price on Brides

Srinagar, Feb. 23 -- THERE are several consequences of the dowry system prevailing in our society. Firstly, the dowry system prevents women from getting married when they want to and this delays their... Read More

Mental Health And Emotional Well Being In Children

Srinagar, Feb. 19 -- By Wasim Rashid Kakroo MENTAL health is an important part of children's overall health and has a complex interactive relationship with their physical health and their ability to ... Read More

Fat Phobia and Diet Culture

Srinagar, Feb. 19 -- By Dania Sheikh THE pandemic and the subsequent lockdown that was imposed altered our lives in several ways.As the covid cases surged, stringent lockdowns were imposed across the... Read More

Continuous & Concurrent Updation of Govt Websites

Srinagar, Feb. 19 -- By Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat AFTER issuance of a circular by the General Administration Department (GAD) on 29.1.2021, a Government order was issued recently wherein a committee was ... Read More

A Case for Continuing with Tongas

Srinagar, Feb. 18 -- By Shakir Malik WHENEVER I would hear and read about Kashmir's Sopore, a very pristine and green picture would spontaneously unfurl in my head. In the year 2018, I was fortunate ... Read More