Nepal goes viral

Kathmandu, June 8 -- One thing we cannot complain about is that, for once, the world is not ignoring a humanitarian disaster in Nepal. They have even named a variant after us. Worried about the Delta... Read More

A yam between two Indias

Kathmandu, May 31 -- Ever since Nepal emerged as a nation-state nearly two-and-half centuries ago, one of its guiding principles has been to socially distance itself from empires to the north and sout... Read More

Editorial: Dear Telangana police, stop beating up people. It's dictatorial

Hyderabad, May 25 -- If there is one thing that both the COVID-19 lockdowns implemented in 2020 and this year have taught us, it is that the police will never change. For a change, people in Telangana... Read More

Vacillating on vaccines

Kathmandu, May 25 -- The flood of social media posts of donated medical supplies being unloaded at Kathmandu airport every day, gives the impression that the outside world cares more about the humanit... Read More

Super-spreader Special Session of Nepal's Parliament

Kathmandu, May 10 -- No symptom of Nepal's current malaise could be more symbolic than a prime minister seeking a confidence vote in a crowded Parliament in the middle of a raging pandemic. Of the 1,... Read More

This is war

Kathmandu, May 5 -- Nepal's first wave of the coronavirus last year now looks like a ripple, and what the country is now witnessing is the main eruption. A lot of the attention is on Kathmandu Valley... Read More

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

Kathmandu, May 1 -- It may sound incongruous writing about labour and employment when Covid-19 is surging across the country. But since Saturday is May Day, let us look at labour and migration. The u... Read More

The Covid tsunami

Kathmandu, April 22 -- On Wednesday, Nepal's positivity rate was 24.5%. On 21 October 2020, when the country recorded its highest daily Covid-19 cases, the figure stood at 28.5%. At the pace the virus... Read More

Preparing for a 'No Normal'

Kathmandu, April 13 -- When the Nepal government clamped a lockdown after only the second case was detected in a student travelling back from France last year, everyone thought it would be for a week ... Read More

Untangling the knots

Kathmandu, April 7 -- There are just so many layers of party and factional interests, alliances and dalliances, marriages of convenience and messy divorces, egos, ambitions, and personal vendetta invo... Read More