House of cards

Kathmandu, Feb. 24 -- In the two months since Prime Minister K P Olidissolved the Lower House of Parliament,massive rallies were held across the country. Oli and his arch rival in the party, Pushpa Ka... Read More

Tried, tested and failed

Kathmandu, Feb. 22 -- Who says there is no freedom of expression in this country? Just listen to the no holds barred abuse that Nepal's serial prime ministers are hurling at each other in their battle... Read More

End of war is not peace

Kathmandu, Feb. 15 -- Communist parties the world over are obsessed with anniversaries. October Revolution Day, Mao Zedong's Birthday, North Korea's Day of Victory in the Great Fatherland Liberation W... Read More

More Himalayan tsunamis

Kathmandu, Feb. 8 -- The devastatingcollapse of the Nanda Devi glacierin India's Uttarakhand state on 7 February that killed hundreds should be a warning for Nepal to be prepared for similar disasters... Read More

Nepali Ama

Kathmandu, Feb. 3 -- There are many reasons cited for the sharp reduction in Nepal's maternal mortality rate (MMR), from 901 per 100,000 live births to less than 240. Among them are trained community... Read More

Polluted politics

Kathmandu, Jan. 20 -- Along with poor quality of education, unaffordable healthcare, lack of safe drinking water, crumbling infrastructure, Nepalis have learnt not to expect anything from any governme... Read More

Be prepared

Kathmandu, Jan. 15 -- Nepal's National Earthquake Safety Day commemorates 15 January 1934, the day when a magnitude 8.3 quake epicentred in Okhaldhunga, killed at least 17,000 people. It is known as t... Read More

Survive, revive, thrive

Kathmandu, Jan. 4 -- Every crisis is also a chance to improve. The global pandemic wrecked Nepal's economy in 2020, and its impact will be felt on tourist arrivals for at least the next two years. But... Read More

Up bid to curb locust risk

Nairobi, Dec. 29 -- There is a mounting alarm over a new wave of desert locusts that could have serious repercussions for the country. The voracious insects have been breeding for several months and n... Read More

Pull out all the stops to prevent economic crisis

Nairobi, Dec. 29 -- The country is staring at an economic crisis. Already, there are concerns that the government may not meet its obligations, such as paying salaries, servicing debts and other recur... Read More