Failure, again.

New Delhi, June 18 -- It will be tragically incorrect to dub the Kanchenjunga Express accident in West Bengal as a wake-up call. Such catastrophes have been rearing their ugly heads time and again-wit... Read More

Woeful scenario

New Delhi, June 17 -- Delhi, India's bustling capital, is no stranger to water crises. With its burgeoning population and growing demands, the city continues to face a chronic shortage of water, and t... Read More

A missed opportunity?

New Delhi, June 16 -- The recent Bonn Climate Change Conference has set the stage for the pivotal COP29 summit, highlighting the urgency and complexity of the global climate crisis. As representatives... Read More

An urgent call to action

New Delhi, June 14 -- India has slipped two spots to rank 129th in the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Index 2024. This decline is not just a statistical setback but a reflection of the ongoi... Read More

An evolving menace

New Delhi, June 12 -- The recent spate of terror attacks in Jammu & Kashmir is a grim reassertion of the fact that the region, even after seven long decades of Independence and multitude of measures a... Read More

Compulsive continuity

New Delhi, June 11 -- As the Cabinet of the new NDA government was in the process of being formed, anticipations were high that coalition partners will get a considerable share in the power pie. This ... Read More

In the eye of the storm

New Delhi, June 10 -- What was conceived as a remedy for many ills a decade ago, has turned into a cradle of controversies and inconsistencies at this point in time. The NEET-UG 2024 results have, onc... Read More

Long-awaited insights

New Delhi, June 9 -- Coming after an extensive gap of 10 years, excluding the 2017-18 edition, the Household Consumption Expenditure Survey (HCES) for 2022-23, released by the Ministry of Statistics a... Read More

Multifaceted collaboration

New Delhi, June 7 -- Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor to President Joe Biden, is set to visit India, a visit that holds significant implications for the burgeoning relationship between the... Read More

Not so fruity!

New Delhi, June 6 -- Under the scorching sun, the consumer's urge to remain hydrated is usually very pronounced, and justified. Apart from regular consumption of water, an average consumer finds fruit... Read More