Mind your language in National Assembly

Pakistan, June 24 -- The on-going session of the National Assembly has witnessed several unprecedented actions. Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri's ruling on Sunday that Imran Khan cannot be called a "se... Read More

A US report on religious freedoms

Pakistan, June 24 -- The United States Department of State's annual report on religious freedom praises the government of Pakistan for taking several measures to promote religious freedom. It comes do... Read More

Pressure of study on students

Sir, June 24 -- When children go to schools, parents expect good results from their children so tuition is must, so no leisure activities. Every parent want see their children on top. This pressure ef... Read More

Inquiry commission

Sir, June 24 -- Our prime minister intends to constitute an 'inquiry commission to look into ballooning of debt burden during the past ten years. Let it cover inter-related benami, money-laundering or... Read More

A visit by the emir of Qatar

Pakistan, June 23 -- The visit by Qatar's ruler, Shaikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, is welcome news as it promises to open new avenues of trade, investment and economic cooperation between the two count... Read More

Fissures in our political parties

Pakistan, June 23 -- While both Bilawal Bhutto and Maryam Nawaz have toughened up their stance against the government, particularly the prime minister, in recent days the elder politicians in their pa... Read More

Street children

Sir, June 23 -- In last decade, the number of street children in the province has increased because of negligence and poor planning of provincial government. According to a survey, the number of stre... Read More

Smuggled Indian goods

Sir, June 23 -- This government has been making tall claims of curbing smuggled luxury items but actions and ground realities betray all this empty rhetoric. Smuggled Indian confectionary items, like... Read More

Hong Kong inference

Sir, June 23 -- The proposed extradition law in Hong Kong has become controversial, creating panic and forcing the people from all walks of life to protest. It is clear that most people in Hong Kong f... Read More

Medical colleges

Sir, June 23 -- Bolan Medical College was the only medical college in Balochistan but now three more medical colleges are established in Makran, Loralai and Jhalwan. Irony is that, 150 students of the... Read More