Delhi continues to isolate itself

Pakistan, Feb. 20 -- With the UN secretary general also putting his weight behind a negotiated end to the Kashmir dispute, indeed also offering to use his good offices to help matters, and India once ... Read More

Taking care of the market

Pakistan, Feb. 20 -- The equity market is dancing around a very crucial psychological barrier at the 40,000 mark. One day it is down a hundred or so points, and the next it's up three or four hundred.... Read More

Kemari gas leak

Pakistan, Feb. 19 -- On Sunday evening the residents of Kemari area of Karachi were suddenly exposed to a strange gas leak. Soon after, person after person started passing out, raising alarm bells at ... Read More

Kabbadi World Cup win

Pakistan, Feb. 19 -- Though every match was hotly contested and watched by charged crowds of thousands, the Kabbadi World Cup played in Pakistan remained a low key affair for the mainstream media. Thi... Read More

National anti-polio drive

Pakistan, Feb. 17 -- Polio is again in the news. In fact, it has never gone away. In the last year, however, it made repeated headlines, bringing the year's tally to 144. In 2018, national polio cases... Read More

Modi, listen to Guterres

Pakistan, Feb. 17 -- Even though India has rejected the statement, United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres has called for an end to the Kashmir conflict by following UN Security Council reso... Read More

Time to act against inflation

Pakistan, Feb. 17 -- An open government would always admit its faults instead of defending them. Prime Minister Imran Khan has shown political grace by admitting his government's disappointing perform... Read More

40 years of hosting Afghan refugees

Pakistan, Feb. 17 -- United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres and several other international dignitaries have arrived in Pakistan to participate in an international conference on Afghan refu... Read More

President Erdogan's tour

Pakistan, Feb. 16 -- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the truest friend of Pakistan. It was his record fourth address to the joint session of the parliament and it was as in keeping with the ... Read More

Lack of public toilets

Pakistan, Feb. 16 -- It's a pity, surely, that the government is not facilitating a private initiative to set up public toilets, most of them free of cost, across the country. It is unbelievable, real... Read More