Monetary policy and the economy

Pakistan, Sept. 19 -- Tomorrow the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) will announce its new monetary policy and all eyes, especially in business circles, will be on Karachi and rightly so. So far, in order ... Read More

Collapsing India

Pakistan, Sept. 19 -- The government of India would do well to take a good long look at its own internal economic and financial collapse rather than continue to indulge in regular misadventures on the... Read More

FATF proceedings

Pakistan, Sept. 19 -- The country may have managed to introduce legislation needed to get off the Financial Action Task Force's (FATF's) grey list, but the manner in which proceedings in parliament we... Read More

Revamping cricket

Pakistan, Sept. 19 -- Of all policy matters which Prime Minister Imran Khan may or may not struggle with because of lack of experience or anything else, cricket was something everybody expected to tru... Read More

Managing schools

Pakistan, Sept. 18 -- It was clear right on the first day that schools reopened that a lot of them were not following prescribed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) identified and duly communicated b... Read More

Symbolic bombing

Pakistan, Sept. 18 -- Much of the world might not have noticed but the Palestinians certainly didn't miss the fact that the Israeli government followed its historic peace deals with the UAE and Bahrai... Read More

ADB forecasts 2pc growth

Pakistan, Sept. 17 -- The thing about projections like the Asian Development Bank's (ADB), which expects Pakistan's economy to rebound yet grow among the slowest in the region at about two percent in ... Read More

Yet another rape

Pakistan, Sept. 17 -- The country has not even begun to digest the heart churning story of the motorway gang rape yet the news cycle is already flush with reports of two suspects confessing to raping ... Read More

Extreme caution needed

Pakistan, Sept. 16 -- It ought to be a little disturbing for policy makers that Sindh's Covid-19 tally has topped 300 for the first time in three weeks. Sure, neither the number nor the trend is as se... Read More

China leads the way

Pakistan, Sept. 16 -- While US President Donald Trump, in his frustration still calls the coronavirus the China virus because it originated there, China is pressing ahead not only with regaining its p... Read More