The intent of elite imitation

Nepal, Sept. 15 -- Of the three Madhes Movements, the first one is ceremoniously observed. The martyrdom of Ramesh Mahato in Lahan in 2007 catapulted Upendra Yadav, a small-time political operator fro... Read More

Panting of the pachyderms

Nepal, Sept. 2 -- The month of Bhado (late-August and early-September) in much of Madhes is the season of kado (slush), when few dare to step out into muddy streets. When it rains, it pours; but when ... Read More

It's time to start learning Mandarin

Nepal, July 21 -- Perhaps unhappy with the performance of 'full-bright, half-bright and quarter-bright' intelligentsia in soliciting support for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in Nepal, it... Read More

Development partners' dilemma

Nepal, July 7 -- Supremo KP Sharma Oli is an enigmatic person. First, he stealthily digs himself into a political hole, such as the one he had done in amending the Political Party Act through a hasty ... Read More

Feigned innocence of the 'White Shirts'

Nepal, June 24 -- Alternating between chest-thumping nationalism and breast-beating liberalism, the 'White Shirts' of Kathmandu refuse to realise that they are as much responsible for the current mess... Read More