Inoculating the masses against demagogic populism

Nepal, Jan. 20 -- Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli's political fate hangs in the balance. With Nepali Congress taking an oppositional stand, his status as the ethnonational chieftain stands challenged. Th... Read More

Torments of an ideological vacuum

Nepal, Jan. 6 -- It's possible that the differences inside the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) over the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) grant and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) loan proposal... Read More

Five years of relentless 'Oli-fication'

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Stirrings in the wok of conspiracies

Nepal, Nov. 25 -- Celebrations of autumnal festivals were comparatively subdued this year due to the Covid-19 scare. Fewer people travelled to their ancestral village for Dashain festivities. Since jo... Read More

The ground shakes when a big tree falls

Nepal, Nov. 11 -- Even as news outlets were readying themselves to call the US presidential election for former vice president Joe Biden, the present incumbent of that high office tweeted from his fan... Read More