Verizon appoints Robert Le Busque as Verizon Asia-Pacific Managing Director

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BML Munjal University gears up for Industry 4.0

New Delhi, Feb. 6 -- BML Munjal University (BMU) announced its partnership with Singapore-headquartered Trakinvest to build industry level expertise on Blockchain among their undergraduate students. T... Read More

Gartner CIO Survey Identifies Organizational Disruption and Funding Shortfalls as Key Challenges for Governments

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The evolving digital economy and next-generation operating models

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From Detecting Lung Cancer to Spotting Counterfeit Money, This New Imaging Technology Could Have Many Uses

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Top four firms changing tracks for their industries with technology

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Inspira launches its First Global Security Operations Center facility in India

New Delhi, Feb. 6 -- Inspira Enterprise announced the commencement of its state-of-the-art, next-generation, Global Security Operations Center (G-SOC) facility in Mumbai. The company will utilize the... Read More

Wifi Dabba to offer cheapest ISP plans at Rs.1/GB with 1GBPS speed

New Delhi, Feb. 6 -- Wifi Dabba announced to offer the cheapest ISP plans and deploying around 100 Supernodes this year to provide internet coverage across Bangalore. With this development, Wifi Dabba... Read More

Governance of an RPA project - Beyond traditional project management

New Delhi, Feb. 5 -- The rapid and widespread adoption of software bots under Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has accelerated the digital transformation agenda of industries globally. On one hand, it... Read More

Keysight Technologies Joins Orbital Security Alliance (OSA)

New Delhi, Feb. 5 -- Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced that it has joined the Orbital Security Alliance (OSA) as a full member. The OSA was founded by entrepreneur Harrison Caudill and security e... Read More