Education ministry buckles under pressure from private schools on issue of charging tuition fees

Kathmandu, July 7 -- The government has backpedalled from its earlier decision to bar private schools from charging tuition fees during the lockdown period after private school operators threatened to... Read More

Sudden move to prorogue Parliament undermines legislature, experts say

Kathmandu, July 5 -- On Thursday, when Standing Committee members of the ruling Nepal Comunist Party were waiting for the meeting to convene, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli suddenly called a Cabinet mee... Read More

Oli asks party's sister organisations to help create a favourable environment for him

Kathmandu, July 4 -- After being cornered within his own party, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is seeking support from the sister organisations of the ruling Nepal Communist Party to prop up his grip on... Read More

Questions arise once again over the President's role in the ruling party

Kathmandu, July 3 -- Early Tuesday morning, hours before the scheduled Standing Committee meeting of the ruling Nepal Communist Party, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli held a hasty meeting with President ... Read More

Congress to stand against seven-year provision for naturalised citizenship for foreign women married to Nepali men

Kathmandu, July 1 -- The Nepali Congress has decided to stand against the citizenship amendment bill tabled in the Parliament that requires seven years for a foreign woman married to a Nepali man to a... Read More

Government tells UN that it will incorporate conflict victims' concerns but victims are not convinced

Kathmandu, July 1 -- While victims of the decade-long Maoist insurgency have called the government's transitional justice process a farce, the Nepal government has reported to the United Nations that ... Read More

National Human Rights Commission recommends that Nepal legalise same-sex marriage

Kathmandu, July 1 -- The National Human Rights Commission has said that it is unfortunate that same-sex marriage has not been legalised in the country even though it has been five years since an exper... Read More

House session to be prorogued without endorsing crucial bills

Kathmandu, June 30 -- The government is preparing to recommend the prorogation of the ongoing session of the federal parliament, pushing the endorsement of several important bills to the next session.... Read More

Supreme Court issues show-cause notice over delay in election of deputy speaker

Kathmandu, June 28 -- The Supreme Court on Friday issued a show-cause notice to the government and the speaker's secretariat over the delay in the election of deputy speaker, a position that has remai... Read More

Government finalising bill to grant licenses to schools only if investors agree not to use profit for personal benefit

Kathmandu, June 27 -- The government is giving final touches to a bill under which licenses to operate private schools will be granted on the condition that operators don't use their profits for perso... Read More