The Nagrota link

India, Nov. 25 -- The lacklustre township of Nagrota, just outside the unplanned concrete of Jammu city, was once best-known for housing the largest military corps in the world, White Knights Corps or... Read More

Apolitical nobility

India, Nov. 19 -- In the United States of America, the civilian post of Defence Secretary is a political appointment even though it is usually held by former combatants, who have the domain experience... Read More

Sore losers in democracy

India, Nov. 10 -- 1801 is a landmark year in the proud traditions of American democracy. It was the first time a political party handed over power to its rival and marked the first peaceful transfer -... Read More

Outwitting the Generals

India, Oct. 27 -- Mian Saheb is an unlikely Pakistani politician who has spent a career trying to be someone he really isn't. When the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and former Prime Mini... Read More

Crumbling Chinese dream

India, Oct. 19 -- Chinese history, taught in its formative schools, is complex, wounded and deliberately provocative as it aims to undo the "century of humiliation" that ostensibly ended with the adve... Read More

Pakistanis in Azerbaijan

India, Oct. 10 -- Pakistan was born to a regressive, exclusivist and instinctively interfering idea that has pandered to religiosity as a central tenet. This has over time pushed its fate towards the ... Read More

Last post for an officer

India, Sept. 29 -- Jaswant Singh fought his last fight, as he always did, with restraint, dignity and rectitude that typified his life. Recently, life had ebbed slowly for the proverbial and literal l... Read More

Worrisome optics

India, Sept. 24 -- The police ought to be the natural, visible and trusted representative of the Government to immediately address any concern or perceived danger by the citizenry. Personnel are expec... Read More

PLA's 'Peace Disease'

India, Sept. 16 -- None less than the Chinese leader Xi Jingping himself has conceded that the world's largest standing military, the People's Liberation Army (PLA), with more than 2.1 million active-... Read More

Pak pays for double games

India, Sept. 3 -- Last year, visiting Arab princes from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) were given Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's privileged treatment of personally chauffeuring the... Read More