Hong Kong police shoot 2 protesters; clashes erupt in business district and campuses amid citywide chaos

Hong Kong, Nov. 11 -- Tensions have boiled over in the city to the business district and campuses following the shooting of a protester earlier Monday (Nov 11) morning. Hundreds in office wear stood ... Read More

China, US agree to remove additional tariffs gradually

Nepal, Nov. 8 -- China and the United States have agreed to remove additional duties on each other step by step as they make progress in reaching a comprehensive trade deal, the Ministry of Commerce s... Read More

Six wounded as knife attack caps day of Hong Kong political chaos

Nepal, Nov. 4 -- A man went on a knife rampage in Hong Kong late Sunday (Nov 3) leaving at least six people wounded, including a local pro-democracy politician who had his ear bitten off, capping anot... Read More

UK Police believe all lorry victims were Vietnamese

Hanoi/vietnam, Nov. 2 -- Police in the United Kingdom have said they now believe all the people found dead in the back of a lorry were Vietnamese nationals. In a statement released in the early hours... Read More

Delhi schools shut till Nov 5 as pollution control body declares public health emergency

New Delhi, Nov. 2 -- With the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority declaring a public health emergency in the Delhi-NCR region, the state government has ordered the closure of all ... Read More

Beijing criticises jurisdictional moves by New Delhi in boundary region

Beijing, Nov. 1 -- Beijing slammed on Thursday New Delhi's inclusion of part of China's territory into its administrative jurisdiction, saying the move is unlawful. China is strongly dissatisfied wit... Read More

Asia vulnerable to rising sea levels

Nepal, Oct. 31 -- New research published Tuesday finds that previous projections for the number of people who will be impacted by sea level rise have been too optimistic. A new projection method whic... Read More

South Korea plans to digitize public services through smartphones

South Korea, Oct. 30 -- With a view to enhance the efficiency of public services, the government of South Korea said Tuesday citizens will soon be able to store digital versions of their important doc... Read More

Illegal Voyage to Europe: They call it 'game'

Dhaka, Oct. 27 -- Transnational human traffickers use several countries for transits, including India, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Turkey, to send Bangladeshi job seekers first to ... Read More

China seeks joint efforts against human smuggling

China, Oct. 26 -- China is calling for joint efforts to counter human smuggling after the discovery of 39 bodies, reported to be Chinese nationals, in a truck in Essex, United Kingdom. Foreign Minist... Read More