Contact tracing was never effective. Government decision on tests and treatment has made it even more difficult

Kathmandu, Oct. 22 -- On Wednesday, Janardan Adhikari, a health coordinator at Tarakeshwor Municipality, did not receive any call from people infected with the coronavirus or those who had come in clo... Read More

Angry with decision not to treat them, Covid-19 infected refuse to cooperate, health workers say

Kathmandu, Oct. 21 -- A health worker at the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division had a bad hair day on Tuesday. The health worker, tasked with informing people about their infection status and c... Read More

Serious Covid-19 patients are not getting hospital beds

Kathmandu, Oct. 19 -- At least three Covid-19 patients who were suffering from breathing complications were unable to get beds at the Dhapasi based Grande International Hospital in Kathmandu on Sunday... Read More

Step up measures or brace for the worst, experts say amid new Covid-19 projections

Kathmandu, Oct. 18 -- In the next four months, an additional 320,000 people will be infected with Covid-19, if the daily average infection rate is 2,665. This internal projection of the Ministry of H... Read More

Health Ministry slashes two-thirds budget for treatment of non-communicable diseases

Kathmandu, Oct. 17 -- Two out of three deaths in Nepal are blamed on non-communicable diseases, but the Ministry of Health and Population has cut the budget by around two thirds this year meant for me... Read More

Recommendations on virus response have gone unheard almost every time, officials say

Kathmandu, Oct. 15 -- For two months now, the Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre has been generating the heat map of the country's coronavirus daily cases. Based on the data provided by the Epidemiolog... Read More

Same patient, same day, two different hospitals, two different PCR reports

Kathmandu, Oct. 12 -- Last week, doctors at Alka Hospital, Lalitpur asked M, a renal patient, to undergo a polymerase chain reaction test for kidney dialysis. Fifty-two-year-old M, who is a local of ... Read More

Nepal's Covid-19 infections cross 100,000 mark, as active cases soar and death toll hits 600

Nepal, Oct. 10 -- Nepal's coronavirus cases crossed the 100,000 mark on Friday, with 600 total deaths, a situation public health experts had long warned about, while the government appears clueless on... Read More

Private hospitals fleecing Covid-19 patients and forcing ordinary patients to pay virus safety charges

Kathmandu, Oct. 9 -- Last week, a 43-year-old man from Maharajgunj, Kathmandu tested positive for Covid-19. The man with pre-existing health conditions-diabetic and overweight-feared infection and was... Read More

Active Covid-19 cases soar to 25,007 after country sees new spike in daily infections

Kathmandu, Oct. 8 -- Nepal on Wednesday recorded the highest number of new coronavirus cases for a single day, as the country logged 3,439 infections, pushing the national tally to 94,253. With 15 mor... Read More