Cricket: Jaiswal'sdazzling success indicatesIndia maybe seeingbirthof another legend

Hyderabad, Feb. 27 -- With two doublecenturies and a total of more than 600 runs to his name, Yashasvi Jaiswal has become the outstanding player of the ongoingTest series betweenIndia and England. He ... Read More

Ameen Sayani is a legend; his passing away leaves an unfillable void

Hyderabad, Feb. 24 -- When Ameen Sayani passed away recently he left behindhim a legion of grievingfans. Rarelydoes any man capture an entire nation with the mellifluous tonalquality of his voice on t... Read More

South African cricketer Procter was fighter against apartheid; leaves behind indelible mark

Hyderabad, Feb. 22 -- Whenever a person of great accomplishmentand potential passes away it is a cause of sorrow to the people who saw him displaying his or her talent. The recent death of SouthAfrica... Read More

Bitter feud over sweet delicacy-Dispute over where does Rasgulla come from?

Hyderabad, Feb. 19 -- If Hyderabad is famous for its biryani, Kolkata is famous for its sweets. Among many mouth-watering Bengali sweets, one of the most popular ones is the Rasgulla or Rosogolla as t... Read More

Cricket: Ashwin departs after taking 500 scalps; India will miss his planning ability

Hyderabad, Feb. 17 -- Due to personal reasons Ravichandran Ashwin was forced to pull out of the ongoing Test match against England after he had reached a well deserved landmark of 500 Test wickets. Bu... Read More

Mumbai batter Sarfaraz Khan fulfills his tryst with destiny in Test against England

Hyderabad, Feb. 16 -- When Sarfaraz Khan walked out to fight a battle on behalf of India againstthe might of England's bowling, it seemed to be a moment that was predestined. With an impressive assemb... Read More

Entrepreneur Dean Mahomed from Bihar pioneered popularity of Indian foods in West

Hyderabad, Feb. 14 -- Nowadays Indian cuisine is hugely popular throughout the world. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the dish chicken tikka masala is considered to be one of the national di... Read More

Sarojini Naidu's soul was rooted in Hyderabad; City must preserve her heritage

Hyderabad, Feb. 12 -- As one more birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu approaches, a question that arises in one's mind is why doesn't the city of Hyderabad have any building that stores a collection o... Read More

A Jew and a Muslim-Jew saves Muslim at Mount Everest and proves humanity above belief

Hyderabad, Feb. 7 -- In the summer of 2012 the icy slopes of Mount Everest saw an act of sacrifice and courage that hasbeen enshrined forever in the annals of mountaineeringhistory. In thesetimes of i... Read More

Hockey players and fans dismayed at denial of Bharat Ratna to Dhyan Chand

Hyderabad, Feb. 4 -- It is extremely distressing to note that the name of India's hockey wizard Dhyan Chand has been ignored yet again while making a decision about the recipient of the prestigious Bh... Read More