Secunderabad gave legendary goalkeeper Thangaraj to India

Hyderabad, Nov. 19 -- In football, the goalkeeper is the base on which the team stands. No team can succeed if the goalkeeper is weak. And many of India's outstanding performancesin the 1950s and 1960... Read More

Daring story of Spy Princess Noor Inayat Khan will surface in a play in London

Hyderabad, Nov. 15 -- The story of NoorInayat Khan, the British World War II spy whose Indian heritage can be traced back to the 18th century Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan, has been adapted for a new theat... Read More

BCCI's focus on making money is killing cricket; throw out politicians from the game

Hyderabad, Nov. 11 -- After the 10 wicket debacle of the Indian team against England in the ICC T20 World Cup, one hopes that there will be some introspection in the corridors of power. The BCCI must ... Read More

Pakistan rises like a Phoenix; to clash with England in the T20 World Cup final

Hyderabad, Nov. 10 -- So the final of the ongoingT20 WorldCup will see a battle royal between Pakistan andEngland.This tournament has witnessed astonishing twists and turns. The team which had the mos... Read More

Hyderabad's Noor Mohammed was the pride of Indian football; he passed away in penury

Hyderabad, Nov. 8 -- At the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956, the Indian team came fourth in the football championship. It was India's best ever performance and has never been bettered till now. In fac... Read More

Boat sinking: For many years Hyderabad ruled Indian football with breathtakingtalent

Hyderabad, Nov. 5 -- In which sport has Hyderabad produced the best players? Some might say badminton. Some others would say cricket. But it is football that stands out with flying colours. In crick... Read More