Stunning facts behind making of Mughal-E-Azam an epic; audacious Asif focused on authenticity

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Hyderabad's IPL champ Ambati Rayudu signs off with a memorable victory

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An endearing story from the pages of history; Rumer writes about trials and triumphs of Gulbadan

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Henry Kissinger turns 100; the man of War and Peace remains active

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Azharuddin showed faith in Sachin's talents; gave him chance that changed cricket history

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Crime, revenge and Amitabh-factors that madeZanjeer a game changer in Indian filmdom

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Well-known writer Ruskin Bond says children's creativity is being killed by mobiles and laptops

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Muhammad Ali is The Greatest in boxing and abundance of unique traits

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Rabindranath Tagore loved Hyderabad so much that he wanted to make City his second home

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