Youth power in full flow at Tokyo Olympics

Hyderabad, July 26 -- The power of youth is being seen in all its glory at the ongoing Olympic Games in Tokyo. While a 13-year-old Japanese girl gave her country a Gold medal in skateboarding, a 12-ye... Read More

Olympics: Sindhu's opponents are tough but she can still win a medal, says renowned coach Arif

Hyderabad, July 24 -- If Indian players are now a force to reckon with in international badminton, much of the credit should go to S.M. Arif of Hyderabad. He was the man who started the badminton revo... Read More

Nawal El Moutawakel-the first Arab girl to win an Olympic gold medal is now a trainer

Hyderabad, July 22 -- Abhijit Sen Gupta The day was the 8th of August, 1984. The Olympic Games were in progress in Los Angeles and the women's 400 metre hurdles race was about to begin. The atmospher... Read More

Footballer Shabbir Ali recalls an unforgettable meeting with the great Muhammad Ali

Hyderabad, July 19 -- Abhijit Sen Gupta Muhammad Ali was the most widely traveled and best known sportsperson in the world. More articles and photos of him were published in the media than on any oth... Read More

Forgotten hero dies in dire poverty: Shamsher Khan was the first swimmer to represent India at Olympics

Hyderabad, July 17 -- Abhijit Sen Gupta The Olympic Games are considered the greatest sports show on earth but India'sperformance at the Olympics has been shockingly poor. For a country which has the... Read More

Efforts are on to strike peace between two warring groups of HCA

Hyderabad, July 16 -- The buzz within the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) which has been embroiled in a factional war that efforts are being made to bring about a compromise. The ones who have pe... Read More

Chances of Siraj playing against England are bright; he is keepinghimself fit for the call

Hyderabad, July 15 -- Abhijit Sen Gupta Fast bowler Mohammed Siraj is not resting on his laurels inthe UK. He is hard at work by keeping himself fit, doing gym workouts and also takinga little time o... Read More

Chris Gayle continues to play with typical Caribbean flair even at the age of 41

Hyderabad, July 14 -- Abhijit Sen Gupta Chris Gayle is the quintessential Caribbean cricketer. He parties hard, plays harder, jokes and laughs a lot but also breaks records as a diehard habbit. For t... Read More

Dilip Kumar spotted Yashpal Sharma talent and helped him in grooming it

Hyderabad, July 13 -- Gutsy cricketer Yashpal Sharma who was once dubbed as India's "Man for a Crisis" by SunilGavaskar, died of a cardiac arrest on Tuesday. He was known for hisfighting spirit and hi... Read More

Christine Sinclair, Canada's captain at Tokyo Olympics, has scored more goals than Ronaldo

Hyderabad, July 10 -- Abhijit Sen Gupta At the TokyoOlympic Games which will soon get underway, a woman with an outstanding record in football will lead Canada in its campaign to win the top honours ... Read More