Hyderabad Cricket has become a banana republic; no sensibility, no direction except losing matches

Hyderabad, Jan. 29 -- Hyderabad cricket is in a pitiable state. It has recently recorded its worst ever performance in the Ranji Trophy Championship. In the past Hyderabad used to be known for it's da... Read More

Cricketer Siraj turns into a dangerous strike bowler

Hyderabad, Jan. 19 -- Hyderabad pacer Mohammed Siraj has scaled a new peak by becoming the third ranked seam bowler in the world in ODI cricket at the present. Hyderabad is famous for producing talent... Read More

With Azharuddin leading HCA rampant corruption has reduced Hyderabad cricket to a tamasha

Hyderabad, Jan. 17 -- These days the HCA's functioning or more accurately malfunctioning, is being brought to the eyes of the public with increasingfrequency. When Mohammed Azharuddin was elected to ... Read More

Cricket: Furore over non-selection of Sarfaraz in spite of his outstanding performance

Hyderabad, Jan. 16 -- In Indian domestic cricket, the Mumbai batter Sarfaraz Khan has been one of the most consistent performers for three years. However, despite piling up massive scores regularly, h... Read More

Sania Mirza prepares to bid adieu to tennis on an emotional note

Hyderabad, Jan. 14 -- Tennis star Sania Mirza has officially announced that the 2023Australian Open tennis championship will be her last Grand Slam event. She willplay only one more tournament, namely... Read More

Islahuddin, lion of Pakistan hockey, celebrates75th birthday amidst fading glory

Hyderabad, Jan. 13 -- Islahuddin Siddique, one of the legendary figures of Pakistan hockey, recently reached a landmark when he celebrated his 75th birthday. Islahuddin belonged to the golden generati... Read More

Ace photographer Gerard Carr goes through hair raising experiences with wildlife around Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Jan. 12 -- The popularity of wildlife photography as a hobby is growing steadily. Several avid photographers set out every year to try their luck at clicking the exotic birds and animals in... Read More

Hyderabad poised to see huge upsurge in table tennis; talent blossoming profusely

Hyderabad, Jan. 8 -- Hyderabad has been at the forefront in leading India to the top in international badminton. The next sport that could see the same phenomenon occurring is table tennis. Hyderabad ... Read More

Hyderabad's Mohammed Akbar recalls the battle against Pele's team

Hyderabad, Jan. 4 -- From Hyderabad there are only two football players who have had the honourof playing against the legendary Pele of Brazil. Although Hyderabad had produced several famous players i... Read More

Tribute to Pele: End of a magnificent era

Hyderabad, Dec. 30 -- Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, better known as Pele, one of the greatest sports icons in history, has departed from our midst leaving a void that can never filled. Whenever we see ... Read More