Of communists and farmlands

Nepal, May 26 -- Hari Roka, a Marxist close to the erstwhile Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and a scholar, was speaking directly on the subject of Nepali farmers and land reform in Nepal. Roka was ... Read More

Jog your memory

Nepal, May 12 -- Krishna Khanal speaking at the launch of Narahari Acharya's Jail Diary in Kathmandu last week lashed out at the amnesia of Nepali political practice and politicians. A well-known acad... Read More

Border conundrum and Renu

Nepal, April 28 -- A paper presented by Bhaskar Gautam, a Nepali academic and scholar of pragmatic politics, and chair of North South Collectives, at the South Asian University seminar held in Delhi o... Read More

Literary and political jamborees

Nepal, April 14 -- A literary event, the so-called 'Deumai literary festival', organised by the youths of Ilam in a lovely township called Mangalbare made me pensive about the semantics and purpose of... Read More