The SAARC Buddha

Nepal, Aug. 18 -- I stood pensively on the pavement outside the headquarters of SAARC in Thamel, facing a unique wall mural of the Buddha. Where I'm standing is the central office of The South Asian A... Read More

Quake in Nepali history

Nepal, Aug. 3 -- Browsing through the books queued up on my cluttered desk, the book 72 ko Vismaya caught my attention. The title, if translated into English, would read Dismay of 2015. Right below th... Read More

Shanti Thatal's Paleti serenade

Nepal, July 7 -- Shanti Thatal's musical performance at the Paleti series in Kalikasthan, Kathmandu a few weeks ago was a significant event for some pertinent reasons. Triggered by Nepalaya's 'r' sala... Read More

Why Nepal needs a free flow of books

Kathmandu, June 23 -- The Nepali state should not see books coming from outside Nepal as bogies. The reasons for that are very strong, and it is very urgent to review the policies that might cause gre... Read More

Of communists and farmlands

Nepal, May 26 -- Hari Roka, a Marxist close to the erstwhile Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and a scholar, was speaking directly on the subject of Nepali farmers and land reform in Nepal. Roka was ... Read More