Politically conscious academics

Nepal, Dec. 8 -- A few discussions and seminars that I have attended in the past few weeks have made me pensive regarding the political awareness of academics. In one of them, some people from the aud... Read More

The ecology of English

Nepal, Nov. 23 -- I attended a grand mela of English teachers of 32 countries organised by Nepal English Language Teachers' Association (NELTA) in Kathmandu under the rubric 'A regional conference and... Read More

Power and knowledge within the Non-Resident Nepali Association

Nepal, Nov. 10 -- I entered a big waiting room of passengers waiting for their flights at Dubai airport on October 4, 2019. Exhausted by the long flight from Toronto, I was sitting at one corner when ... Read More

Trans-Himalayan poetic heritage

Nepal, Oct. 27 -- I was invited to present a paper at the Second China-South Asia Literature Forum on Trans-Himalayan Literary and Cultural Connectivity, held in Kathmandu, from 15-20 October 2019. I ... Read More

Theorising Dashain exodus

Nepal, Oct. 13 -- A large albeit temporary exodus of the people of the valley during the Dashain festival in the first and second week of October 2019 is nothing but a grand repetition of what happens... Read More

BP Koirala's challenging options

Nepal, Sept. 15 -- A problem of choice shapes the hermeneutics of Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala's politics and literature. His karma of having to choose between two opposites may have given him an existe... Read More