Naira in biggest daily fall in months

Nigeria, Sept. 17 -- Naira fell profoundly against the U.S. dollar at both the official and unofficial market segment on Thursday. According to abokiFX.com, a website that collates the parallel marke... Read More

Eurobonds: Nigeria aims to raise $6.2 billion, targets local investors

Nigeria, Sept. 17 -- The Debt Management Office (DMO) has announced that the federal government plans to issue a fresh Eurobond to raise $6.2 billion (N2.6 trillion) for the financing of the 2021 budg... Read More

CBN talks tough, says won't reverse BDC forex ban despite naira crash

Nigeria, Sept. 17 -- The Central Bank of Nigeria says it will not reverse its decision to ban the sales of foreign exchange to Bureaux De Change (BDCs) after the move apparently pushed the naira into ... Read More

AbokiFX reacts to CBN threats, suspends forex updates

Nigeria, Sept. 17 -- The management of Abokifx, a website that collates black market exchange rates in Nigeria, has announced the website will suspend publishing rates after the Central Bank of Nigeri... Read More

Naira fails to recover at black market, hits new low

Nigeria, Sept. 15 -- Naira fell significantly against the U.S dollar at the parallel market on Wednesday, as the currency exchanged hands with the hard currency at N562.00 per $1. This implies a N5.0... Read More

Naira down to 557 against dollar; gains at official market

Nigeria, Sept. 14 -- Naira plunged further against the U.S. dollar at the unofficial markets on Tuesday. However, the currency gained marginally against the hard currency at the official market. Acc... Read More

INVESTIGATION: Nigeria's first green bond-financed project falls flat with N30 million lost

Nigeria, Sept. 13 -- Nigeria's bid to gradually reverse the impact of climate change by planting millions of trees has suffered a major setback after a government-funded afforestation programme worth ... Read More

Naira's free-fall continues, hits record low

Nigeria, Sept. 13 -- Naira fell significantly against the U.S. dollar at both the unofficial and official markets on Monday, taking what has become the trend in the last week to a new low. According ... Read More

Livestock transformation plan 'priority', new agric minister says

Nigeria, Sept. 11 -- Nigeria's new Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mohammad Abubakar, on Wednesday assumed duty officially at the ministry over a week after his predecessor Sabo Nanono ... Read More

Naira's plunge continues at official, black markets

Nigeria, Sept. 10 -- Naira fell further against the U.S. dollar at the black market on Friday as the currency exchanged hands with the hard currency at N545.00 per $1, data published on abokiFX.com, a... Read More