New Delhi, Oct. 16 --

He is 40-years-old married with two children. But the family has deserted him. For the last 15 years NingeGowda of village Timmankoppalu, talukaPanavapura, Karnataka, has been eating 1/2 kg of food in every 1/2 hour and has earned the title of 'Bakasura' (a demon in the epic Mahabharata known for his voracious appetite)!

_ Believe it or not, the average person in the US spends about six years of his or her life eating! And, the American munch 45 billion sandwiches every year!

Given an opportunity, it seems that people just about everywhere will eat, eat and eat! Most know that there is a price to pay and yet cannot resist that second piece of chicken drumstick or the pumpkin pie.

How many times have you stretche...