Hanoi (VNA), Sept. 24 -- Vietnam Electricity (EVN) will auction more than 13 million shares in its affiliate Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation JSC (EEMC) at the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) on September 28.

The starting price will be 153,100 VND (6.58 USD), which means the whole lot is valued more than 2 trillion VND. Interested investors must register to buy the whole lot.

The offered shares make up 46.47 percent of total outstanding voting shares of the JSC.

EVN is now the largest shareholder of the company. The other major shareholder is Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company, which holds more than 7 million shares of TBD, equivalent to 24.89 percent.

Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation is specialised in the supply of...