U.S., Nov. 27 -- Tourists in Creta had a rude awakening this morning when this Greek tourist island of Creta was struck by a strong earthquake at 9.23 am Friday morning local time., just a day after 23 people were killed at an earthquake in Albania.

The location:

* 43.5 km (27.0 mi) NW of Kssamos, Greece

* 73.1 km (45.3 mi) WNW of Chani, Greece

* 117.3 km (72.7 mi) WNW of Rethymno, Greece

* 167.3 km (103.7 mi) SSE of Sprti, Greece

* 175.8 km (109.0 mi) WNW of Irkleion, Greece

The 6.5 magnitude shock was felt as far away as Athens when it hit on Wednesday morning.

Buildings, including universities and schools, have reportedly been evacuated.

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