Hyderabad, Aug. 14 -- Following is the TV programme, scheduled for tomorrow, as announced by Doordarshan Kendra here, subject to last minute changes.

DD-I (Yadagiri)

0030 Hrs: Repeat of Chitralahari 0100 Hrs: Repeat of Aarogyadarshini 0200 Hrs: Repeat of Navvu Navvinchu A Comedy Darbar 0300 Hrs: Repeat of Mana Maata Mana Paata 0400 Hrs: Classical Music 0500 Hrs: Devotional Songs 0530 Hrs: Spon. prog. DR. BR. Ambedkar Open University Prog."Doora

Vidya Paataalu 0600 Hrs: Prabhatha Darshini 0630 Hrs: Yoga & Fitness 0700 Hrs: News in Telugu 0730 Hrs: Madhurageethalu 0800 Hrs: Break Fast Show-Live 0900 Hrs: Classical Music 0930 Hrs: Anjuman 1000 Hrs: News Bulletin in Telugu 1010 Hrs: Chitralahari 1035 Hrs: Tele School 1100 Hrs: News Bulleti...