Guwahati, April 2 -- A start-up, Marut Dronetech Private Limited, founded by IIT Guwahati alumni has developed and deployed drones for spraying disinfectant in public spaces to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

To control COVID-19 situation, drones have proved to be of great use as seen in countries like China and South Korea.

Marut Dronetech is working with the Government of Telangana to deploy drones for public safety applications.

Recently, Karimnagar Municipal Corporation, Telangana, had deployed customised drones of Marut Drones for spraying disinfectants in Mukarampur area of Karimnagar where 10 Indonesians and one local had tested positive for COVID-19.

Disinfectants were also sprayed at District Collectorate, Municipal Corp...