Kochi, March 23 -- 'Valsalyam', a new series that narrates the complex life stories of Meenakshi and Nandini, who are destined to live their lives as daughter and mother, will be telecast on Zee Keralam television channel on March 25, at 2030 hours.

Along with the launch of Valsalyam, Zee Keralam will also run a contest for viewers during the launch week.

'Valsalyam' is the tale of 17-year-old Meenakshi, and Nandini, who by the will of fate, becomes her mother.

The plot of the new series is about how life changes for Meenakshi, who is forced to live with a lady Nandini who had a relationship with her father previously.

Sreekala plays the role of Nandini, a 45-year-old woman abandoned by her husband Revathi Krishna, appears as Meenakshi....