Dhaka, Dec. 6 -- Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu on Thursday said the industrial sector is now contributing 33.71% to the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) of the country which was 17.77% in FY 2007-2008.

"We have noticed a positive change in the economic sector following good performance of the industry factories and various proper steps in the last five years. The country per capita income is now $1751 which $917 was in 2009" he also said.

The senior minister made these while addressing at a press briefing on the ministry's success in the last five years held at his department on Thursday.

Amir Hossain Amu further said: "The country's export income went up $36.67 billion in 2017-18 Fiscal Year which was $14.11 billion in FY2007-2008...