Dhaka, Dec. 9 -- Bangladesh is the ninth highest recipient of remittances this year with US$ 15.9 billion and in South Asia it ranks third after India ($79.5b) and Pakistan ($20.9b), the World Bank said in a report Saturday.

Bangladesh experienced strong upticks of 17.9 percent in 2018, the bank said.

In its latest Migration and Development Brief, the World Bank said Bangladesh, after a steep decline in 2016 (-11.5 percent), remittances were flat in 2017, but remittances are showing a brisk uptick in 2018 (17.9 percent).

In 2018, the top remittance-receiving countries are projected to be India ($79.5 billion), followed by China ($ 67 billion), Mexico and the Philippines ($34 billion each) and Egypt ($26 billion), according to the globa...