Jashore, Aug. 29 -- A baby was born in Sharsha upazila here on Wednesday with rare congenital limb defects.

A congenital limb defect is a condition when an arm or leg does not form normally as a baby grows in the uterus. The baby is born with the defect.

Sarjina Khatun, wife of Hashem Ali of Basatpur village in the upazila, gave birth to the baby girl through a caesarean section at Janaseba Clinic at Bagachra Bazar around 8am.

Newborn's aunt Fatema Begum said Sarjina was taken to the clinic in the morning when she went into labour. "She gave birth to a baby girl who has no hand and leg," she said.

Dr Shahid Hasan, medical officer of the clinic, said the child was born with a rare disease which is called congenital limb defect.

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