Dhaka, Dec. 2 -- Prices of essential grains such as rice, packaged wheat flour (atta), and all-purpose flour (maida) still remained high, with no signs of coming down anytime soon.

Besides, kitchen essentials including lentils, sugar and edible oil are still higher despite the drop in the price of fish, red meat and eggs.

Visiting several kitchen markets around the capital, finer variants of rice, Nazirshail and Miniket, were being sold at Tk74-Tk78 per kg at wholesale level, slightly lower than last week, but still retailed at Tk75-Tk80.

Paijam and Lata variants of rice were being sold at Tk58-60 per kg in wholesale, but Tk58-Tk62 in retail, while the coarse variant was sold at Tk57-Tk60.Fine rice was sold at up to Tk 95 a kg in the loc...