Midrand, Oct. 16 -- Increasing automation of business processes is driving the demand for qualified and experienced business analysts, as these professionals are uniquely positioned to help companies adapt, innovate and reinvent in a challenging environment, an expert says. Wonga Ntshinga, senior head of programme: faculty of ICT at The Independent Institute of Education said that for an organisation to retain its competitive advantage, it was constantly required to identify new opportunities and different ways of conducting its business, and human insight and understanding remained invaluable in this context," SA's largest and most accredited private higher education institution says. Issues still faced by organisations, particularly in South Africa, and in both the public and private sector, include unstructured and inconsistent approach which sees duplication in ICT systems and personnel functions,that processes are adapted to software applications rather than the other way around, systems processes need to be manually rectified due to incorrect reconciliation. Ntshinga says that public universities and higher education institutions are increasingly recognising the need for qualifications that specifically address these emerging organisational demands, which will only increase in coming years. "To survive and thrive as the fourth industrial revolution begins to manifest, organisations and companies need to adapt, innovate and reinvent. Institutions of learning therefore need to prepare students for this reality, where there is an increase in intelligent automation and artificial intelligence application. Business analysis is a new discipline that draws on and consolidates learning and experiences from other fields, and prepares students for this skill of the future. It is predicted that there will be a marked rise in coming years in the demand for well-rounded graduates who have proper technical depth combined with a good appreciation of the business edge of ICT. Business analysis involves the understanding of how organisations function to accomplish their purpose, and the ability to define and implement the capabilities an organisation requires to effectively provide products and services to external stakeholders.

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