Srinagar, Dec. 1 -- GER In Higher Secondary Level Up By 10%, Secondary By 2 Percent

Srinagar- In the last four years, Jammu & Kashmir's Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in higher secondary and secondary level has increased by over 10 percent and 2 percent, respectively; reveal the figures emerging from Government of India's latest Unified District Information System For Education Plus (UDISE+).

As per the reports accessed and analyzed by Kashmir Observer, J&K's GER since 2018 has increased to 10.8 percent in higher secondary level in 2022 and 2.4 percent in secondary level in the past four years.

The data available with the Kashmir Observer states that in 2018-19 J&K's GER in higher secondary level was 42.4 percent and in 2021-22 the figur...