Srinagar, Feb. 16 -- Mohammad Yaqoob, 70, thanked his stars when he was enrolled under the Integrated Social Security Scheme (ISSS).

A 70-year-old from Kamad, Anantnag, he is currently getting monthly financial support from the government.

Likewise, Nazir Shiekh, 45, from Sansuma Anantnag is also receiving assistance to support his family under the Integrated Social Security Scheme.

Nazir, a physically challenged, has also got a motorized tricycle from the Department of Social Welfare which is helping him to move hassle-free.

Integrated Social Security Scheme (ISSS) is a State Sponsored Scheme by the Social Welfare Department of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir where financial assistance is provided to Old Age Persons, Widows, Div...