India, July 23 -- By CHEF TAPAN KOYAL

Sous Chef - Garde Manger

Hummus Beiruti is a Lebanese version of Hummus that adds a copious amount of garlic, bringing a touch of spice to it. Drizzled with olive oil, this dish is mainly paired with Pita bread.


Chana kabuli 500 gms

Tahina 100 gms

Soda cooking 15 gms

Peeled garlic 30 gms

Salt 5 gms

Lemon salt

Lemon 3 pc

Olive oil 50 ml

Flat parsley chopped

Chopped onion

Chopped chili


Soak chickpeas in water for overnight. Boil the chickpeas, wash properly with cold water. Allow the chickpeas to cool.

Add chickpeas, tahini paste, salt lemon salt and crushed ice in a food processor. Remove the hummus and add chopped onion,

hooped chilli, chopped parsley and lem...