Dhaka, Jan. 20 -- Garlic and ginger have become pricier further in a week, marking a 5.0-20 per cent hike per kilogram, sources at kitchen markets and groceries said.

The maximum retail price (MRP) of the imported Chinese ginger hit a record Tk 300 a kg while local and Indian 'Malayali' ginger retailed at Tk 150-180 on Thursday.

On the other hand, the imported Chinese garlic retailed at Tk 160-180 and the local variety at Tk 140-150 a kg the same day.

Experts and traders have attributed this latest price hike to an almost halt in garlic and ginger imports from China.

The Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) found a 5.0-20 per cent hike in the prices of garlic and ginger in a week and 30-60 per cent in a month.

Current Chinese ging...