Dhaka, Dec. 3 -- As Bangladesh government has turned to treasury bills and bonds - instead of overprinting money leading to inflation - for taking loans, its interest rate on treasury bills has exceeded 11 per cent, according to a local media report.

The central bank set the interest rate against the 364-day treasury bill at 11.20 per cent, up from 10.60 per cent, during an auction on Sunday.

At the same auction, the interest rate for the 91-day treasury bill was set at 10.80 per cent, an increase from 10.20 per cent, and the 182-day treasury bill at 11 per cent, up from 10.40 per cent.

The government had aimed to borrow Tk 35 billion for the 91-day period but ended up securing Tk 42.18 billion on Sunday.

For the 182-day term, it had ...