Sri Lanka, Sept. 27 -- Veteran writer Gunasena Withana's autobiography in Sinhala titled Dasaka Ataka Mataka (Memories of Eight Decades), published by Sarasavi Publishers, was launched recently. Dasaka Ataka Mataka is his second autobiographical book while the first, Galin Malin Bandi Piyaman, published by Fast Publishing in 2007, was written to mark his 75th birth anniversary. The Sunday Observer discussed his book and shared his views on Sinhala literature.


Q: How do you introduce the book, Dasaka Ataka Mataka?

A. This is my second autobiographical book. It consists of some of the details not included in the first book, Galin Malin Bandi Piyaman. In the new memoir, I describe my life in my hometown, Wanduramba, Galle, my edu...