Sri Lanka, Nov. 1 -- Podu Janayage Pattarakaraya (The People's journalist), a biography of Dayasena Gunasinghe by Denagama Siriwardhane was launched recently as a Sarasavi Publication. Denagama Siriwardhane is a close associate of Dayasena Gunasinghe, a well-known biographer and a veteran journalist. This is his fifteenth biographical work, and he has also published six novels, including the acclaimed book, Ayoma, two short story collections, two poetry books and twelve novels for young adults. He has published over 170 books. The Sunday Observer spoke to Denagama Siriwardhane to discuss his latest biographical work and its subject.


Q: Why did you decide to write a biography of Dayasena Gunasinghe?

A: Dayasena Gunasinghe was a...