Singapore, Oct. 26 -- For more than a decade, Mr Louis Soon has been a BMW fan.

Ironically, it was during a search for a Mercedes-Benz car 15 years ago that the 38-year-old Web and apps designer fell in love with the German marque.

"I have always liked Alfa Romeo because a tuned Alfetta was the first car I remember my family had," Mr Soon says.

"But my dad was more of a Mercedes-Benz guy, so when we needed to replace our family car, a Kia Sportage, we zeroed in on the 190E saloon."

During the search for a suitable 190E in 2004, father and son came across a small, light-blue BMW at the back of a used-car dealership in Ubi.

"I saw the four-door E30 BMW 316i and liked it instantly," Mr Soon recalls.

The car was 13 years old then, b...