Ponnampet, Feb. 21 -- Elephants arrive for combing operations; Villagers resort to flash bandh

A tiger on the prowl in South Kodagu mauled two persons to death within a span of 12 hours. While a 16-year-old youth was killed late last evening, another woman was killed early this morning. The places of attack are close to each other and irate villagers resorted to a flash bandh demanding immediate capture of the big cat.

Last evening, the tiger attacked 16-year-old Paniyaravara Ayyappa at Kumatoor village near Srimangala when he was returning home after finishing work in a coffee estate belonging to Kotrangada Ashwath. The victim stayed in Kotrangada Biddappa with his father Paniyaravara Basappa.

The tiger struck Ayyappa on the back of h...