Hyderabad, Aug. 14 -- Firoz Bakht Ahmed

Jo chala gaya usey bhool ja/ Hind ko apni Jannat bana! - Maulana Azad

(Forget all those who had left/ Treat India as your only trust)

"For a Muslim, the best country is India and Hindu - the best friend!" -

Partition backgrounder by FIROZ BAKHT AHMED as per the description by his mother (wife of Maulana Azad nephew, Mr Nooruddin Ahmed) and aunt for preferring India to Pakistan despite lucrative packages in the name of religion from Karachi

"The Muslim identity of India is a thoroughly Indian identity, very different from the Islamic identity of other Muslim countries, that term it as Ummah, a global community." Late, Nazuk Jahan Begum, my mother often told me. She explained me that a Muslim of ...