Hyderabad, Jan. 22 -- Tension flared up in Sangareddy on Monday night after a right-wing Hindutva mob, rallying across Daulatabad in Hathnoor mandal, set ablaze a shop belonging to a Muslim vendor.

In another incident, situation got tense near the Kosgi Jama Masjid in Kodangal as a right-wing Hindutva mob, in celebration of the Ram Temple inauguration, played loud music and danced in a procession close to the mosque.

According to MBT spokesperson Amjadullah Khan, a procession set afire a shop belonging to Abdul Qadeer, who sold fruits. The incident took place reportedly after two minors allegedly threw something at the procession.

According to sources, Abdul Qadeer and his family have been moved to a safe place.

In a separate incident...