Riyadh, Aug. 25 -- The authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) announced the imposition of a fine of up to Saudi Riyal 500 (Rs 11,004) for motorists making noise near schools.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday, August 23, the General Directorate of Traffic (Muroor) said that making noise and raising voices near educational buildings will cause students to lose the ability to concentrate and learn.

This crime is punishable by fines ranging from Saudi Riyals 300 to 500 (Rs 6,602 to Rs 11,004).

In the same context, the Muroor has warned against passing by school buses will be slapped with a fine of between Saudi Riyal 3,000 to Saudi Riyal 6,000 (Rs 66,019 to Rs 1,32,040).

On Sunday, August 20, more than seven million m...