Hyderabad, June 13 -- In a letter, the great grandson of the last Nizam, Himayat Ali Mirza has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to relocate the Nizam's jewellery in Hyderabad.

Mirza has recommended the Prime Minister to set up a par excellence museum in Hyderabad where the jewellery of the seventh and last Nizam of the princely state Mir Osman Ali Khan can be on display.

Himayat Ali Mirza who is the grandson of Moazam Jah, the second son of the seventh Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan has offered his services in finding a proper land for the establishment of a high-security museum. He added that many of the diamonds in the jewellery were mined from the Krishna river valley famously known as Golconda mines in historical records.

The Nizam's k...