Hyderabad, Dec. 6 -- Congress is a divided house. There have been more aspirants for the throne of chief minister than the mobilisers of people on the ground.

Sample this. Besides A Revanth Reddy who is credited with the resurgence of the Congress from the grassroots level, there are unconfirmed reports that claim at least two or three other claimants to the Telangana throne. They include Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and Uttam Kumar Reddy.

Uttam Kumar, a former military man, was the President of the TS Congress before the arrival of A Revanth Reddy on the scene. He is a member of the Lok Sabha. On the other hand, Vikramarka, a postgraduate from the University of Hyderabad, was the leader of the Opposition in the outgoing assembly.

The Congr...