Hyderabad, May 23 -- Mohammed Azharuddin, former Indian Cricket Caption revealed how his cricket journey had begun.

Sharing the photograph of himself with his late Uncle Abid Zainulabideen, he wrote, "My Late Uncle, Mir Zainulabideen, made me hold the cricket bat for the 1st time. I owe it to him for introducing me to this passion of mine which shaped me and my entire life".

According to a report, he was the captain of the SBI Hyderabad Cricket Team.

In the blog, Ramnarayan who was the officer at Hyderabad Main Branch wrote that Zainulabideen was his assistant. Zainulabideen was a fan and friend of gazal exponent Vithal Rao, he wrote.

Ramnarayan, former Hyderabad off spinner further wrote that he and Zainulabideen used to go to nets f...