Ghaziabad, June 10 -- The UP police on June 9 arrested Karni Sena leader Thakur Sekhar Chauhan after he threatened to kill pregnant Muslim women and their babies in a video that is going viral on social media.

Thakur, who introduces himself as the chief of the Uttar Pradesh Karni Sena, claims that he was sent there by Surajpal Amu, national chief of the Karni Sena. The Ghaziabad police had registered a case in connection with the incident after the social media outrage.

Though the video is allegedly two months old, it is only after the recent social media outrage that the police have taken cognizance of the matter.

Hours later after the video went viral, the police took note of the video. The same day, Ghaziabad police tweeted, "Throug...