Hyderabad, April 15 -- In another crackdown on ganja-infused chocolates, the Cyberabad Special Operations Team (SOT) confiscated over 160 packets, totaling 6,400 chocolates, from a local kirana store.

The shop owner, 54-year-old Manoj Kumar Aggarwal, was taken into custody during the raid. Besides the chocolates, the police also found him in possession of 4 kilograms of ganja powder.

According to authorities, Aggarwal had purchased the ganja chocolates from Kolkata with the intention of selling them to customers for Rs 40 per chocolate. Unlike the familiar yellow wrappers of Charminar Munakka chocolates, these illicit products were packaged in black and red covers under the label of Minar Vati.

Each packet contained 40 chocolates, and ...