Hyderabad, Dec. 4 -- In a resounding victory, Congress Adivasi leader and incumbent MLA from Mulugu, Danasari Anasuya, affectionately known as Seethakka, achieved a remarkable hat-trick by winning the seat in Telangana's tribal heartland with an impressive majority of 33,700 votes.

52-year-old, Seethakka, a PhD and a former Naxalite, demonstrated her political prowess by retaining the seat, showcasing her dedication to the constituency during her two previous terms as MLA. In a fiercely contested battle, she secured a decisive win over the ruling BRS's candidate, Bade Nagajyothi.

Congress leader Seethakka, who is active on social media, has previously shared her pics while holding a gun when she was a young naxalite.

The BRS leadership...