Chicago, Aug. 1 -- Coronavirus ki Majboori is a rap song- small tribute to Coronavirus. It is an Indo- American Perspective Re-written and sung by Ramzan Lakhani, Directed and edited by Aftab Lakhani and recording Engineer is Zubin Mulji.

The song has been dedicated to Mothers on the Mother's Day. This song can be found on channel 'Ramzan Lakhani' on YouTube.

Below are the lyrics written both in English and Roman Urdu.

Someone please tell me why this forced distancingKoi muj ko yeh bataye k ye doori aur majbooriWhat's is the story with this virus and who is pulling the stringIss virus ki kia story jis ke haath me iss ki doriDead bodies are piling up high in the sky on one sideLambe laashen aasmano ko chooriAnd the public is all worried...