Hyderabad, April 24 -- Chevella Congress candidate G Ranjith Reddy in his Lok Sabha election affidavit has proclaimed his family's net worth at around Rs 412 crores.

While he personally owns assets, both movable and immovable worth around Rs 256 crores, his liabilities are at around Rs 20.39 crores.

His wife, G Seetha Reddy's total assets are at around Rs 179 crores and liabilities are to the tune of Rs 2.6 crores. His son, G Raj Arya Reddy's assets are at around Rs 14 lakhs.

The Chevella sitting MP's immovable assets include around Rs 72.73 crore worth of agricultural lands and Rs 24.75 crore worth of residential properties.

His wife holds agricultural lands worth around Rs 20 crore and approximately Rs 23.5 crore worth of residentia...