Hyderabad, Jan. 26 -- Saara sheher mujhe loin ke naam se jaanta hai.

Does it ring a bell? Yes. Film buffs couldn't forget this line fromKalicharan. Spoken in a cool and collected manner some four decades ago, it still has a chilling effect.

How about this one:Kutta jab pagal ho jaata hai toh use goli mar dete hain.Apni umar se badkhar baatein nahi karte.Shakaal jab baazi khelta hai .. toh jitne patte uske haath mein hote hain utne hi uki aasteen mein.

The soft-spoken villain, Ajit Khan, who delivered these memorable lines, turns 101 today. To mark his birth centenary celebrations, his family is launching his biography in Urdu and Hindi languages on Friday evening. The book, authored by Iqbal Rizi, is appropriately titled - Ajit the lio...